Maritime and Air Transport

The sector that has grown most and that has undergone large-scale development in the company is the air and sea transport department.

The opening up of new markets, the growth of existing ones, the contribution from new collaborators and international relations have all brought about a sizeable growth in this sector.

Operations are guaranteed in all Italian ports, and in Northern European ones. Likewise, there are daily connections with Milan and Zurich airports for air shipments.



Customers in both Italy and Switzerland are followed every step of the way during all transport phases with constant, diligent communications.

Cross-trading and triangulation (Far East-USA, Far east-South America, India-South America and others), services are especially active, in addition to goods neutralisation, storage in loco, packing, quality control, in collaboration with several partners worldwide.

Züst & Bachmeier is an active member of WFN (World Freight Network) and of Lognet Global, leading shipment associations that ensure a close network of corresponding members throughout the world.


Nave Aereo