The 100-year mark, reached in 2011, is most definitely an important business card that represents a company that has come out unscathed from a century of epoch-making changes, industrial and social revolution, two world wars and disastrous crises.


This milestone would not have been reached without the contribution and abnegation of hundreds of people who have worked for the development of the company during these decades, with immense dedication and professionalism.


The fine arts that we preserve most carefully in the company are our internal assets:
Our collaborators, who provide commitment, abnegation and professionalism day after day at Züst & Bachmeier SA, for the success of any project and the growth of our company.


Vision & Mission

Our VISION is to become an important reality in the air-sea-land transport sector, and in that of Fine Arts, increasing our presence in our territory, stealing space from the “big players” by offering high-quality service.

Our MISSION is to achieve this goal in 5 years, by the end of 2015, proving to everybody that we can strive to achieve even high goals using our professionalism, our skills and our attention to our customers.