Züst & Bachmeier Sa, founded in 1911, is celebrating its first 100 years of business. Well-known, qualified and respected on the European and international market, the company offers a wide range of services in all transport, logistics and customs fields.

With a century of experience behind it and several partners worldwide, the company can satisfy even the most demanding customers’ requests quickly and professionally.
The company has had a new internal organisation since 2010, and now has excellent, motivated professionals with ambitious projects for growth.

Known worldwide for its professionalism and long history, Züst & Bachmeier guarantees precise shipping management in Europe and overseas, being able to count on consolidated, qualified partnerships.



A wealth of expertise and skills that are highly valued within the company, especially in periods when improvisation and superficiality are often part of day-to-day work.


Regarding the pharma industry, we are aware that maintaining the safety and quality of the product during distribution is of utmost importance. The certification of the transport chain based on good distribution practices (GDP), demonstrates our commitment to these guidelines and the quality in every aspect of our service.


Today, Züst & Bachmeier Sa is a consolidated company which is constantly growing.

Thanks to the agreement with UBV Group Spa – a leading Italian group in the European road transport sector - it can offer daily truck connections with all the main European platforms.


• Road Transport
• Rail Transport
• Maritime Transport
• Transport of Fine Arts
• Exceptional Transport
• Special Projects
• Bonded Warehouses
• VAT Warehouses
• FOB-designated Point Warehouses
• Cross Trading
• Triangular Trading
• Storage and Logistics
• Insurance
• Foreign State Processing


Certification 9001